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Print your own poster in an old print shop

Journey across 500 years of printing history and print a special souvenir: the Slovene alphabet.

Have you ever considered how much effort was needed, just half a century ago, to print a single book or newspaper? You’ll be amazed by the drawers packed full of lead and wooden letters, punctuation, and quotations, the machines now usually only found in museums, and the complex steps that lead up to printing a flawless finished product.

The best way to learn about this process is to try it, with help from the artisan, and print your own special souvenir: a poster with the Slovene alphabet. You’ll also be fascinated by the little quirks of the Slovene language!

At the old print shop in Ljubljana, you can become a manual typesetter, designer, and printer. You’ll select the letters for the alphabet poster, and learn how carefully they need to be set to make a good impression. You’ll select the color of the alphabet and apply the ink to the letters. Then you can make the first impression. And probably a second one and perhaps another until the poster is perfect.

Lose yourself in the world of analog printing!

The price of the workshop includes

  • demonstration of the craft of manual printing,
  • full instructions and guidance,
  • making a print,
  • the work materials required,
  • A unique souvenir: a hand-printed poster and a paper tube for safe storage.


€55.00 per person


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM.

How long

1.5 hours

Meeting point

TipoRenesansa, Breg 22

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants is 2 and the maximum is 8.


Slovenian and English

Additional information

  • Loose and white clothing is not recommended
  • Protective equipment is provided by the workshop host