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The power of a ring

Enjoy a memorable experience! Work in pairs to create unique silver rings with the help of a jeweller.

The power of love is infinite, just like a circle. And a circle embodied in a ring. If you wish to present your love in a ring, whether it’s romantic, among friends or family, you can do so in this unique workshop led by a master jeweler.

Zlato runo (Golden Fleece), the studio and workshop of goldsmith and silversmith Christoph Seidel, is bubbling with his boundless imagination. It’s what drives him to create, and it will certainly help you decide what kind of ring you to make. The artisan will take you on the fascinating journey of jewelry making.

You’ll learn about the materials, processes, and techniques used in making rings, from preparing a suitable silver alloy to melting, purifying, forging, soldering, and filing. He will support you in deciding the shape and finish of your silver ring and walk you through the work itself: from preparing the silver for the ring to achieving its finished look. And don’t worry – if you have any problems then the artisan will be there to lend a hand. Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed to end up with a unique memento: a ring created with love.

The price of the workshop includes

  • presentation of a jeweler’s work and techniques,
  • instructions for a ring design,
  • help with ring making,
  • finishing the product,
  • the material for the rings.


€286.00 per person


Every Friday at 12 noon

How long

3-4 hours

Meeting point

Zlato runo jewelry shop, Rimska 6

Number of participants

The minimum and maximum number of participants is 2.


Slovenian, English, and German

Additional information

Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged.