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Weaving from A to Z

The lovely feeling of fabric emerging and flowing under your hands... On a wooden loom that used to be a fixture in most households, but now is a rarely used item. In this weaving workshop you’ll learn a small part of this old craft and weave your own piece of fabric from Slovene wool, a beautiful memento of your experience.

You’ll probably catch your first sight of Mojca Tomšič at the loom from outdoors, behind the glass walls of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM) weaving studio. This is where she and her childhood friend Barbara Lapuh have been working for almost twenty years, creating unique blankets, rugs, tablecloths, wraps, shawls, and other, smaller useful items. You’ll enter the colorful world of wonderful handmade fabrics.

Mojca Tomšič discovered her passion for hand weaving in the 1980s when she was in secondary school. It has defined her life ever since. This passion is woven into her work and palpable as she talks about the history of weaving in Slovenia, where it is one of the oldest and was once among the most widespread crafts.

At the studio you’ll learn about the basic weaving processes and the natural materials used, from flax to wool; and find out how frugally and efficiently such homemade cloth was recycled. With the artisan’s support, you’ll weave your own cloth from Slovene wool. Sitting at the loom, you’ll see a piece of cloth grow before your eyes as your weaving skills improve. Select the colors for your unique napkin or purse and produce an amazing souvenir of your experience.

The price of the workshop includes

  • demonstration of hand weaving, once a widespread craft in Slovenia,
  • making fabric on a loom,
  • A unique souvenir: a napkin or purse.


€40.00 per person


Tuesday to Friday at 10.30 AM and 12.30 PM

How long

1 hour and 15 minutes

Meeting point

Weaving studio at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM), Metelkova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, ground floor to the right of the entrance

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants is 1 and the maximum is 4.


Slovenian, English, and German

Additional information

The workshop is suitable for children aged 8+.