Ljubljana’s creative nightlife

When you don’t feel like spending the night at home, Ljubljana’s nightlife has some great go-to places to offer, whereas you’re into classic clubbing or if you’re a bit on the mellow side. 

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But I love spots that are lively at night, but also arty and inspiring during the day and its interior design, music selection and overall vibe, spark something … creative. Let’s call it creative nightlife.


Marko Delbello Ocepek
Eva Gale

One of the trendiest (and Instagrammable) places at the Tobačna complex, ČINČIN is all in one. A great place to work (to get your creative juices going), host casual meetings, drink coffee and grab a bite to eat at the basement restaurant, appropriately named Food Porn. Then, at night, enjoy many live gigs, jazz on Mondays, funky dance music on Fridays and many others. Warmer months bring life to many summer festivals happening just outside, in the summer garden. Needless to say, they are very well accepted among the locals.

Kino Šiška

Janez Gerčar
Aleš Rosa

Ex cinema turned into an urban culture centre, Kino Šiška is a very popular venue which often attracts well-known artists and musicians from all over the world. If Ljubljana is hosting a cool concert, it’s very likely it will be held at Kino Šiška. Think “adult” contemporary music and theatre. Besides that, many free exhibitions and workshops are held on the first floor and you can check them out whenever. Its coffee shop is open until late (even when there are no events) which is great for all of you night owls.

Centralna Postaja

Centralna postaja Facebook page

Or Central Station as the kids are calling it. It’s a hipster-ish kind of place to see and be seen (obviously, as it’s right in the middle of the busy Trubarjeva street), hang out and eat burgers during the day and party hard at night. It’s mostly electronic dance music with occasional 90’s tributes. The neon light décor is honestly kind of cool, though.

Jalla Jalla

Jalla Jalla Facebook page
Eva Gale

I wasn’t sure if I should include Jalla Jalla, but then again, it’s one of the most popular spots at the Metelkova Mesto area and can be quite inspiring if you’re into alternative music and art. Actually, be sure to check out Metelkova in its entirety. Jalla Jalla is one of those places that has many live concerts at night and you might think it’s completely dead during the day, but it really isn’t. They host many free events and workshops, often with a charitable, ethic and DIY undertone. As a part of “Food not Bombs” movement, they serve free vegan meals every Friday.

Do you have a favourite way of spending your evenings in Ljubljana?

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