Secret culinary tips by Travel Dudes

Anyone can walk through the centre of Ljubljana and enjoy some great food but you can do so much more and experience a really unforgettable trip. How? Check out what Travel Dudes did in Ljubljana.

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Here's an idea! Explore the Ljubljana countryside by bicycle and taste some local and seasonal food straight from the farms. The idea so simple and you can have so much fun meeting the locals that is amazing how tourist don't attend this massively. Well, it's our secret and a useful tip for those who want something more.

If you are a beer lover, than there is another idea. Eight different beers made by five different breweries and the Brewery Museum should convince you. Travel Dudes have joined the tour.

We should probably mention that there is a way to eat your way through the city and to find out a lot of interesting stuff about Ljubljana and Slovenia. It is called the Taste Ljubljana culinary tour. Travel Dudes experienced it and seem to enjoyed it. In the end they have travelled to Kamik, a lively medieval town near Ljubljana and tasted their local food also.

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