When the weekend comes, visit Ljubljana’s art markets

Weekends are always wonderful in Ljubljana. Embrace the liveliness of the farmers market, take a walk around and do a bit of locally inspired shopping. An unique souvenir, new piece of jewellery or an interestingly designed piece for your home? That's what art markets are for! Visit one this weekend and be amazed how arty Ljubljana and its residents can be.

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Weekends are for markets

Any kind of markets, really. Either before mentioned farmers market or a more arty one. There are three art markets happening in Ljubljana every Saturday and a flea market every Sunday. If the weather is nice, you may be looking at a very busy weekend.

Artish is usually happening on Gallusovo nabrežje (Gallus Embankment) on selected Saturdays. In case of bad weather the exhibition is taken somewhere inside – it’s best to check the dates and location on their Facebook page. They've been around since 2011 and their events have almost become a tradition. I love how it's not just a selling exhibition, but you can also chat with the artists about their creative process or visit a workshop. Here, you can shop for home décor, jewellery, textiles and accessories, like these adorable animal backpacks!

Art Market on Breg embankment however, is with us a little longer – since 2000. If you want to decorate your home, this is the place. Check out pottery and even fine art paintings and sculptures. This is the perfect spot to buy an unique gift for your friends (or yourself). The fun part is, that every Saturday is different. This, of course can also be a bad thing. There’s always a new artist or designer from all over Slovenia showcasing their work, so there’s always a ton of stuff to choose from. Please do note that in case of bad weather, Art Market does not take place, sorry about that.

But wait there’s more! Started in June 2017, SEM art market brought some life to the Tabor neighborhood. It’s still a relatively small place, but I bet it’ll grow fast. I loved the Ljubljana shirts for kids and there was this one dude selling pencil cases from old bicycle tires. The market is placed in front of Kavarna SEM coffee shop, so you can have a drink after you’re done.

A souvenir from the past

The before mentioned Breg embankment is also the place for Sunday’s flea market, which has proved to be very popular among locals and foreign visitors. I don’t know what I love more about it. All those Tito paintings, incredibly tacky porcelain tea sets or blast from the past retro tin signs. The rich selection of artifacts on display are remarkably well preserved and in a great shape, so if you want to decorate your home with an ornament from days gone by, this is definitely the stop for you.

If you’re not too much in a hurry, I suggest you take the laidback approach, pick your favourite art market, take a stroll and see what’s up. Have a chat with an artist or two, I bet you’ll find the perfect topic to talk about. Perhaps where in your living room would that ceramic bowl fit best?

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