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If one thing’s for certain is that you’ll never go hungry in Ljubljana. There is a true myriad of flavours that satisfy every taste. But you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy some good food. Sometimes the best meals are the ones served on a paper plate or wrapped in tin foil. Grab some extra pair of napkins and enjoy some of the most unique street food you’ve ever seen.


Olimpija burek

Ah, burek. This Balkan savoury flaky filled pastry is there for you like a warm hug and it’s especially popular in colder months and in late hours. I’m not going to get into a debate which Ljubljana burek joint is the best, but my personal choice is the Olimpija burek stall near Bavarski dvor. Open 24 hours, of course, and they offer the classical cottage cheese burek, meat burek and a remarkably popular only-in-Ljubljana, pizza burek. A weird hybrid that somehow works.


If you’re after typical Slovenian dishes then Klobasarna is a must. You can’t really miss this place, as it's got a huge sausage hanging in front of it. Klobasarna serves only the best Carniola sausage there is, I recommend you get with some mustard and a chunk of bread. This is the best combination when you want a quick bite and enjoy local flavours as well. If you want to go all the way, they also serve Slovenian “štruklji” as a nice way to complete your Slovenian meal.

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Odprta kuhna

I can’t really write about street food without at least mentioning Odprta kuhna. You probably already know everything about it, as it’s an incredibly popular place to be and be seen. Odprta kuhna happens every Friday from March to October when Pogačar square turns into true foodie heaven. Bustling with infinite food stalls, where you can find not only classic street grub such as burgers and hot dogs but surprisingly, more delicate dishes such as oysters and all sorts of vegan pies.

Foodbluz BTC

This one is quite a new spot and the concept is somewhat similar to Odprta kuhna. Located within BTC shopping centre, there are 6 stalls providing various ethnic food, such as Thai, Spanish and Indian and also classics such as fried chicken and burgers. Great stuff if you’re in for some shopping afterwards.


Osha is an Asian bistro, a tiny place with some really cool vibes located smack in the middle of Trubarjeva street, which is known as the most colourful street in Ljubljana. Enjoy authentic Thai and Vietnamese flavours whilst observing the lively Trubarjeva street or just order your Pad Thai or Sticky Mango to go. Your taste buds will thank you.

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