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Our friends at Sup Klub have been inviting us to explore Ljubljana on a SUP for ages. This super-hot summer we finally gave in – and loved it. 

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We love seeing cities from another perspective, which mostly means that we climb to a viewing point and take a look down or maybe have a boat tour if there’s a river. Luckily, Ljubljana has always been full of surprises and offers a few more scenic options – one of them is also stand-up paddling on the river Ljubljanica to its city center.

Our friends at SUP Klub have been inviting us to explore Ljubljana on a SUP for ages and due to the fact that we have been having a super-hot summer this year, it was finally time to put on shorts, grab a paddle and go supping.

It was our first time standing up on a SUP board, but with two amazing instructors, we adopted the technique quickly and started enjoying rowing down to the old town of Ljubljana.

One of a kind experience

It is really funny how you can spot completely different things from the water, which mostly stay hidden to our eyes, if doing an old-fashioned exploration by foot. We liked best the views of a daily life along the river and all the hustle and bustles, which can be heard from the numerous cafés along Ljubljanica. Due to its relaxed vibe, it felt like a vibrant sea side place.

The amazing Triple Bridge

The views on all the bridges, which are many in Ljubljana, are simply amazing. The most famous one, the Triple Bridge (work of architect Jože Plečnik), was definitely also the most stunning among them all. No wonder it is one of the symbols of Ljubljana.

An ice-cream scoop on a SUP?

Ljubljana’s old town might be small in size, but it is lively enough to never really get bored. The tour with SUP Klub can also do few stops along the shore of Ljubljanica River, to grab an ice-cream scoop or a snack, if the activity will make you hungry.

Not long ago, Ljubljanica River had almost no traffic, but nowadays, you will be overpassing with tour boats and kayaks, what presented us few challenges to stay on the board due to waves caused by them.

Above or under the water – it is always fun

Well, if you will not fall into the water during the tour, the instructors will ensure to get a quick dip to freshen yourself up sooner or later. When we thought the tour will come to an end, we stayed on the water for few more games and challenges. I am not sure if the next day my belly muscles were sore because of paddling or because the laughs we had during the games.

If you like water and being active while traveling, think no longer and explore Ljubljana by joining a guided SUP tour or just rent a SUP, if you have confidence to do it yourself.

SUP guided tours – who, where and when?

There are already few providers of SUP tours at Ljubljanica River – the strongest two are Bananaway and SUP Klub, which we joined. The SUP Klub is also the only ASI accredited SUP school in Slovenia.

Sorodne zgodbe

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    A lonely hill to the north of the city, Šmarna Gora is not only one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana, but also a place for great photography, spectacular views, food, and relaxation. The most fascinating time to visit? Definitely morning.