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I know you have seen them. Crazy donuts, cronuts, monster milkshakes and ice cream deliciousness. But do you know where in Ljubljana you can find sweets that are as pleasing to the sweet tooth as they are to the eye? Keep on reading.

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#Lockal Milkshake

Pics, or it didn’t happen. If you tried the #Lockal milkshake and you didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen? Food worth eating, and sharing, usually looks good, but this one is also extremely creamy and delicious. You can order it in strawberry or chocolate flavour, and they are cold in the summer time and warm in winter. Yes, the donut is part of the milkshake. Check them out and share them with #Lockal.

Vaflino by Grefino

We saw a lot of ‘egg waffles’ across the world, but now we have them in Ljubljana too. Grefino offers them, fresh and warm, with a whipped cream or ice cream filling. You can choose any ice cream flavour (they have eight different ones, and also a non-dairy/vegan alternative) and any topping to go on top of the waffle (including a variety of fruits, sweet sauces, cookies, meringues, chocolate pieces, colourful bonbons etc.). Photogenic and delicious.

Puffy Lil’Pancakes

Fluffy, foamy and warm little pancakes, which can be prepared just as you like them with different toppings from Nutella, Raffaello, chocolate, honey, and strawberry puree, to cookies, fresh fruits, M&M’s, Oreo’s and caramelized nuts. You can combine flavours, or even the colours of the toppings, to get that perfect bite or photo ratio. Pssst…. You can also order them ‘to go’. All these mouthwatering shots are available at #puffylilpancakes.


A place we’ve already covered in the article How to Find the Best Ice Cream Scoop in Ljubljana; we’ve included them again because of the ‘Japanese’ pancakes. They are available in two sizes and with endless topping options. The best thing about them besides the flavour? They are Instagram friendly.

The best food shots are made with natural light and include a prop or two (napkin, spoon, hand) so try these out and don’t be afraid to share them. It also helps if you find a pretty background - luckily for you a lot of places offers them (pretty tables, nice walls or cute "insta" corners).

Share your Instagram journey in Ljubljana with the #VisitLjubljana hashtag and include your devouring dessert recommendations.

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