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Just like New York City has Central Park, Ljubljana has Tivoli Park. And it’s not just a place for jogging and sitting on benches while feeding squirrels. It’s a place to go when you need to calm your mind, recharge and decompress. It’s so versatile, with many spots to visit and activities to enjoy.


Tivoli is one of those age-old parks, with numerous trees and plants that have been with us for decades. In fact, the park itself is more than 200 years old and some of the flora is probably of similar age. If trees could talk, right? Here are my favourite parts of Tivoli Park.

Jakopič promenade and Tivoli Mansion

Originally designed by Plečnik, this wide promenade offers a spectacular view of the Tivoli Mansion at the end of the promenade. Now it’s being used as an outdoor gallery, which I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post, but this concept is really cool. Numerous large-format photographs and prints are exhibited here for your daily dose of inspiration and are accessible at any time of day and any weather conditions. It’s the perfect hybrid between art and nature, don’t you think?

If indoor galleries are more of your style, worry not, Tivoli Mansion is also a host to International Centre of Graphic Arts, plus, there’s Švicarija art venue right next door.

Rožnik hill and other recreational areas

Rožnik is the place to go when you need to boost up your heart rate, do a bit of hiking, but don’t feel like leaving the city. It’s an immensely popular spot during warm spring months, also due to the fact that there’s a restaurant on top serving typical Slovenian food. You need to get those burned calories back somehow. Tivoli also offers many other typical sporting areas such as tennis courts, swimming pool, gym and so on.


Paths, meadows and ponds

Okay, this part is actually my favourite and the most obvious one. Like any well-designed city park, Tivoli has a true labyrinth of paths and lanes, some more hidden than others. All of them are lined by majestic trees, colourful flower beds and those beautiful neo-classical street lamps. Together they really make a true postcard mood. When you start to feel a bit tired, feel free to relax on a lawn of your choosing or bond with Tivoli’s furry and feathery inhabitants. Bring nuts and seeds!

As you can see, Tivoli Park is worth checking out. Relax your eyes on endless greenery so you’ll have enough energy to continue exploring our beautiful Ljubljana.

Sorodne zgodbe

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    A lonely hill to the north of the city, Šmarna Gora is not only one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana, but also a place for great photography, spectacular views, food, and relaxation. The most fascinating time to visit? Definitely morning.