Pojdi na vsebino

“Je v Siski se kaj odprtega?”

“Is anything still open in Šiška?” sang Vlado Kreslin, Slovenia’s most popular folk-rock musician, in one of his songs. Back in the early 90s, the answer would have been “not much.” Today, it’s an entirely different story.

Veliko oken z motivi glasbenih izvajalcev.

Šiška is a lively cultural quarter of Ljubljana, with many points of interest to draw the intrepid tourist who is in search of something alternative and intriguing, beyond the bustling touristic center of the city. But it’s also something of a secret—ask folks from elsewhere in Ljubljana and they might not be aware of just how cool Šiška has become, and how many points of interest await visitors willing to explore beyond Ljubljana’s cozy center.

Start walking or bicycling north from the city center, and you’ll enter the Šiška neighborhood within minutes. It technically starts right around Tivoli, Ljubljana’s leafy central park. It extends quite a way northward, but all of it can easily be accessed without getting into a car.

It’s a proper, bustling, largely residential neighborhood, but with a central artery, Celovška Street, that is lined with shops and points of interest.

Let’s consider a few of the spots that you might explore in this dynamic neighborhood.

Kino Šiška

Ask a Slovenian about Šiška as an art center, and the first thing that will come to mind is The Kino Šiška Cultural Center. Established in 2009, this dynamic venue has evolved into a pulsating center for contemporary arts, music, and cultural expression, earning its rightful place as a cherished gem in the city's cultural landscape.

The venue's name, "Kino Šiška," pays homage to its roots as a former cinema (kino). Today, it continues to honor its heritage by serving as a stage for diverse artistic disciplines. The sprawling space houses a concert hall, art gallery, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and a welcoming café-bar that beckon both artists and audiences alike. This multifaceted setup allows Kino Šiška to host an array of events, from electrifying live music performances to thought-provoking art exhibitions and avant-garde theater productions, with a special focus on supporting local talent.