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Vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free, you name it. No matter your dietary preference, Ljubljana is most definitely slowly but steadily paving its way on becoming a true veggie destination.

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Days when you decided to go meat free in a restaurant and all you were offered were either french fries or fried cheese are over. And it was about time. Ljubljana's vegetarian and vegan offer is expanding practically daily and we could not be more happy.

Vegan Ljubljana is never boring

Whether you're in town for just a cup of coffee or you've decided to go all in, you will find a perfect match for your dietary preference, taste or budget. Even if you're not vegetarian or vegan but you decided to incorporate more healthy food in your diet (we're looking at you, New Year resolutions), here are some suggestions for your next lunch date.

Radha Govinda

Not exactly in the city centre, you will be required to walk for approximately 15 minutes (or just take the handy Bicikelj bike and be there in 5 minutes). But once you get there, be prepared for some cool exotic tastes and because this one is self service as well, go crazy with flavour mixing and matching. The constant Hare Krishna music playing from the radio will make you want to put on a sari or a dhoti and take a trip to India ASAP. Affordable prices and super friendly staff. Oh and another tip: if Žibertova street is too far for you, maybe check out Govinda's street food stall situated in BTC Shopping Centre. Look for wooden houses right next to BTC farmer's market.

Fari's Delice

Not a vegan restaurant per se, but you can enjoy unbelievably tasty vegan falafels, wrapped in a tortilla or stacked on a plate, with a generous dollop of hummus and fresh vegetables. If not craving falafel, how about some Iranian vegan sandwiches? Friendly staff and lovely prices too, this Persian snack won't break the bank. Did I mention I'm a regular here?

Zaživ Vegan Bistro

First opened in Bled and then came to Ljubljana in June 2016. Vegan lovers quickly found this gem and are now enjoying vegan burgers, to die for raw cakes and oh my – check out this polenta pizza. Prices are moderate and staff is friendly and knowledgeable. What more could you ask for?

Loving Hut

A part of an international restaurant chain, Loving Hut is situated right across the street from the main train station, which is super convenient for travellers. The restaurant is self service, which is kinda cool, because you can shamelessly fill your plate with just about everything Loving Hut has to offer. I dare you to try every single pizza slice they have that day and then top it off with some curry lentil. I won't judge. Prices are moderate here as well, but be careful, it can get quite crowded during lunchtime.

Ajdovo zrno

It's a hidden nook, but once you manage to find it, feast on ridiculously good and generously portioned vegetable stews (with homemade rye bread of course), curries and pastas. The salad bar is self service so help yourself. Lunch offers however, differ every day, so it's best to check their Facebook page.

Feeling hungry yet?

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