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You cherish a real love for desserts, cakes, and sweets, and you are wandering around the Ljubljana center to decide, where to? I’ve prepared a short guide to help you when searching for a place that will offer you the perfect cake (and most of the time, other delights such as ice cream or macarons).

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The location next to the Triple Bridge looks like a tourist trap at first glance but will convince you with their offer later. I assure you the prices are just the same as everywhere else around the center, and you will enjoy a sunny terrace or lovely and chic interior. Lolita offers cakes, crostatas, macrons, homemade chocolate and cakes, as well as gluten free, vegan, and LCHF (low carb – high fat) options. Instagram tip: The Red Velvet cake.


There are many techniques a chef can use to make his pastries extra appealing to the average pastry shop customer, and in the Fétiche French Patisserie in Ljubljana, they know about making desserts appealing. They won two 1st place awards in the last two years at the Istrian fair of desserts – Sladka Istra. In 2015, the award was for the cake »Marie« (mix of their bestselling ice creams) and, in 2016, for the cake »Fujiyama« (white chocolate and whiskey combo). You won’t miss with either of them.


They will spoil you with their perfectly chosen classic cakes and with a crazy amount of their own recipes from a traditional Sacher cake or their house cake, “Zvezda” with a linzer dough base, mascarpone, cooked sour cherries, and strawberry topping to delicious Macarons. Zvezda has plenty of options for vegans, diabetics, and are preparing raw cakes. For the chocoholics, I would suggest Chocolatina (only in colder months), which is baked chocolate and has such a deep chocolate taste you won’t regret it.

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They are well-known for their delicious cheesecakes made in various ways. Brownie cheesecake, “Jaffa” cheesecake, Mango, or the regular New York Style cheesecake, which is more than delicious. :) Everyone following a low carb diet or avoiding sugar will be more than pleased with their “Skinny” cheesecakes with zero sugar and low carbohydrates.

There’s good cake, there’s bad cake, and then there’s the best cake in town. Why not opt for the best? Find your favorite and let us know (anywhere on our social media channels) how you liked it!

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