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If you think I am mad, connecting log cabin in the middle of a small village to foodie's paradise, you have never been to the restaurant Grič. Big mistake!

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From a simple cycling stop to the top-notch culinary place

I first heard for the log cabin Grič, when I started with my cycling activities. A small, hilly village Šentjošt nad Horjulom, about 26 kilometers out of Ljubljana, was my daily climb. At the top of the village stood a small log cabin, where I always stopped before driving back home. This stop was the log cabin Grič.

Whenever I did a break there, enjoying the views over the countryside, I had never thought that foreign media and culinary magazines all over the world will soon become so inspired over “my” bike stop.

This family run restaurant was nothing special then and it was more or less just a convenient cycling stop for everyone, coming by bike from Ljubljana. But ever since Luka Košir, the chef, took over the kitchen, it has rapidly started to become one of the best restaurants in Slovenia.

Local ingredients as a trade mark

Luka knows that the food should not only look good, but should also taste as something you have never tried before. He joins different techniques into stunning creations. One of his best recognizable “secrets” is also pine tree oil, which he is making himself.

The restaurant Grič tries to be as local as it gets – more than 80% of their ingredients comes from nearby farmers, including from his own veggies and herbs garden. You will also be surprised how appealing and delicious a plate gets with decorating it with simple blade of grass or flower. It cannot get fresher than this.

Young, ambitious and daring chef

Luka Košir is extremely talented and ambitious young cook (he is not even 30 years old), with daring imagination. No matter how many times you'll be eating in his restaurant, you will always be amazed over his choice of seasonal ingredients and presentations. Don't be surprised or turned off, if you are served with ants or lichens. Or as Andrew Zimmern would say: “If it looks good, eat it”. No matter what will show up on your plate, I promise you, the taste will blow you away and you will eagerly wait for his next surprise.

Foodie or not - if you enjoy different tastes, upscale culinary and are not afraid trying something new, make sure to put the restaurant Grič on your schedule when visiting Ljubljana. Indulging at the restaurant Grič will for sure be one of your best and unforgettable dining experiences when visiting Ljubljana.

How to reach the restaurant Grič?

The restaurant Grič is tucked away in a small village Šentjošt nad Horjulom, which unfortunately has poor bus connections ,especially over the weekend (bus line no. 56). But maybe the time-table suits your needs, so check it out here. The final bus stop is just about 200 meters from the restaurant.

If you like to be more flexible, the best way to reach the restaurant Grič is by renting a car and do a trip from Ljubljana, joining few other interesting places on the way (for example Vrhnika, Polhov Gradec).

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