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Of course, you can find healthy meal options in most of the restaurants in Slovenia, but these five also offer vegetarian and vegan choices as well as organic ones.

Barbarella header

They don’t just have delicious food in common; they also offer a great incentive of providing plenty of plant-based meals. From delicious vegetarian burgers to avocado toasts and salad goodness - you can find them all here.


The first restaurant opened near the Ljubljana Market (Barbarella Arkade Bistro) and the second one (Barbarella Juicebar) is located on Slovenska Street across from the Skyscraper. They offer various smoothies, sandwiches, and freshly baked pies and you mustn’t forget to ask about the daily menu. Their vegan curry is to die for and not only reserved for those who are saying no to meat and dairy. P. S. Insta trick – order a healthy smoothie bowl.

Organic Garden

The place initially looks rather small, but when you discover that they have a secret terrace open during the summer months this is no longer an issue. They offer everything from colorful sandwiches to yummy burgers and salads. You can also opt for a takeaway and enjoy their healthy and colourful snacks basically anywhere in Ljubljana. Maybe Park Tivoli would be great choice for one of those days when the hidden terrace is closed.

Bazilika Bistro

I already mentioned Bazilika as a place to go when searching for brunch in Ljubljana, but I have to do so again. Bazilika Bistro offers daily lunches that are mainly plant-based but also include some non-vegetarian options. Their salads are masterpieces and you can enjoy them in a buffet bar. Yummy!

Kucha Madre

Huge and very open, this place is a bit more than just a restaurant. It’s part of a ‘Food for Life’ organization and is an extremely relaxed environment where you can eat top quality food that is bursting with flavour. Why? Because it’s prepared with such passion and most of the food is plant-based and sourced locally. Make sure you try their ‘Serđo’ sandwich and different artisanal options from fermentation to wild herbs and nutty cheeses (plant based).

Taman Organic

A vegetarian and vegan restaurant right in the centre of Ljubljana, but is a bit hidden away on Nazorjeva Street. They have amazing seasonal soups, and if you’re a vegan or want gluten-free food you will find more than one option here. You can expect organic food heaven here since you can choose from all sorts of organic dishes that are freshly prepared. They also aim for fresh ingredients that come straight from the garden!

Temno siva miza z razlicno zelenjavo.

So, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian you will love my list of healthy lunch ideas in Ljubljana. But wait! You will love them even if you’re eating everything and that’s their secret! Preparing good, healthy food with a lot of heart and passion. Bon Appetit!

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