Pojdi na vsebino

When winter slowly creeps into our little land, it’s easy to push outdoor activities aside, especially with the harsher weather outside. But let me tell you a secret. As hard it is to believe, a trip above the foggy lowlands of Central Slovenia usually surprises with sunshine and a true winter wonderland. The most easily accessible mountain idyll to experience sledding, snowshoe walking, skiing, and other winter activities close to Ljubljana? Velika Planina.

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As I’ve written before {it happens, I love Velika Planina in all seasons!}, Velika Planina is a unique Alpine pasture underneath a playground of jagged peaks. It’s family friendly and accessible by cable car plus chair lifts that connect the cable car with the highest peak of Velika Planina, Gradišče. From there, it’s either sledding or skiing downhill, exploring endless paths on snowshoes, indulging in good food, wandering around unique oval shepherds’ huts, or even spending the night in one of those romantic small wooden huts. As far as I heard, most of the huts are equipped with water and electricity, but some even have underfloor heating, a sauna, plus offer inhouse basic food choices, so spending a couple of days in the mountains might not be such a bad idea!?

Winter fun for everyone

Anyway, the fact is that Velika Planina appeals to just about anyone. While some prefer sledding on a wide nicely prepared trail {I surely know my family adores that!}, others prefer the 6 km of ski trails marked as medium demanding. Then again, when the snow is still new and fresh, the most perfect activity for those who enjoy long walks in the countryside might be snowshoeing, while backcountry skiing enthusiasts usually opt for ski touring on the vast curvy plateau of Velika Planina. Check here for equipment rental.

Ride those sleds and, may I say, yee-haw!

The secret code: let’s explore the unknown together!

Night sledding on Velika Planina

If you thought sunny days on Velika Planina were awesome, wait until the nightfall. Seriously, it’s more people on the trail than on the sleepy streets of the suburbs I live in. After my family had spent a wonderful day sledding and exploring Velika Planina, my husband and I decided to send the kids back down with their grandparents and extend our duo visit into the night. First, we walked over to the Snow Mary Chapel to enjoy a real explosion of colours as the sun slowly sank behind the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Then, we walked to the start of the sledding trail, which by the way is illuminated throughout, and gave it a go. All I can say is, if you haven’t tried night sledding yet, you definitely should as it’s super fun!

Quick info for night-sledders: available Thursday-Saturday when the cable car and chair lifts work until 20:00 (more information on night sledding).

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A group of visitors even brought small sleds to the Snow Mary Chapel. Now, why haven’t I thought of that before!?

Night sledding on Velika Planina is usually available Thursday – Saturday until 20:00. If you wish, you can also book a night sledding experience (including a return transfer to Ljubljana) on our website. Enjoy!

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