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The WOW installation, located in front of the headquarters of Tourism Ljubljana, is a popular photo spot. At the same time, it symbolically represents the character of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region.

Installation WOW

It is designed as the logo of the Central Slovenia region with the capital and combines the following elements: local high-quality drinking water, oxygen, the cyclical nature of natural processes, and the expression of enthusiasm "WOW".

It is 7 meters long, 2 meters high, made of aluminum, and equipped with discreet LED lighting. The letter W is derived from the logo of Tourism Ljubljana, the letter O represents oxygen because better air is breathed and excellent water is drunk in Ljubljana. The letter O is filled with water, which is constantly in motion.

With the help of a water pump inside the glassed-in letter O, the water gently ripples, and if you get very close to it, you can hear soothing bubbling. You can climb on it or take a picture next to it for a memory from Ljubljana.