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On the Visit Ljubljana website, it is now possible to categorise tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, sports facilities, and other establishments based on adaptations for people with different disabilities.

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Visitors can obtain useful information about which facilities are accessible to the blind and visually impaired, physically disabled, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing before arriving in Ljubljana. This significantly facilitates their planning of the visit to Ljubljana and improves their experience of the capital.

Ljubljana Tourism initiated the project to improve the universal accessibility of tourist infrastructure in Ljubljana and the region in 2022. In collaboration with Zavod Brez ovir (Institute Without Barriers), they first conducted online and telephone surveys of tourist facilities and based on the data, prepared a selection for field visits. Experts from Zavod Brez ovir then visited 200 facilities and assessed their accessibility for the physically disabled, blind and visually impaired individuals, as well as people with hearing impairments and loss. In 2022, they visited accommodation facilities and tourist attractions, and in 2023, catering establishments and tourist infrastructure in the Central Slovenia region.

All facilities included in the analysis received recommendations for accessibility improvements, which they have already started implementing. This includes Ljubljana Tourism, which equipped its Tourist Information Centre with a mobile induction loop.

Ensuring the universal accessibility of tourist infrastructure is a key foundation for the further development of Ljubljana as a sustainable, smart, and inclusive tourist destination. Adaptations for people with disabilities enable more equitable access to various experiences and content, and they also benefit older individuals, parents with strollers, and others.