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The American web giant Amazon shot its Christmas ad in Ljubljana. According to Marketing Magazine, locations in Trnovo, Miklošičeva ulica and Stara elektrarna were chosen for filming. Unlike other retailer Christmas ads, Amazon has implicated the current situation in the story due to the spread of covid-19, and tells the story of persistence and success alongside the Queen’s song with the meaningful title “Show Must Go On”.

The ad follows the story of a young determined dancer whose dreams of dancing in a lead role are jeopardized due to the coronavirus pandemic. As lockdown restrictions tighten, the clip shows the dancer continuing to train passionately in and around her neighborhood, not giving up hope. She enjoys the great support of her family and the local community, who also help her organize an independent performance. The emotional finale shows the ballerina, French ballet dancer Taïs Vinolo, dancing on her street, performing for those around her.