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Ana Plamenita (Fiery Ana) is the autumn edition of the events that Ana Monro Theatre organizes in public space. November is the month when it gets dark already in the afternoon and darkness starts to prevail over the daylight. Therefore it is time to enjoy the night and its charms.

Ana Plemenita

© Dunja Wedam

Our event invigorates special corners of our cities and converts them to a very special place, illuminated by the fiery installations. This year visitors are invited to come to the foothill of Šišenski hrib on November 11 an 12 between 6:30pm and 10pm, from where they will be able to embark on an unusual night walk along a forest path, using the self-made tea light lamps as a source of light. The path will lead them through the night forest to the top of the hill to the old ski jump tower. The ascent will be enriched by a variety of lighting, audio and visual elements. Everybody is invited to make their own lamp and use it to venture the night trail through the forest. But be aware – the trail can be quite demanding and adequate footwear is strongly recommended.