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Ljubljana's art scene is having an especially lively summer. There's plenty going on not just in museums and galleries but also on the streets and in parks. Check out our selection of most interesting English guided tours and happenings and immerse yourself into Ljubljana's art scene.

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© Photo: BIO 25 archive

The Biennial of Graphic Arts

32nd International Biennial of Graphic Arts is in town, bringing an exciting programme of exhibitions and premier artistic events. Don't miss the Biennial TOP 10 guided tours starting each Tuesday at 17:00 in front of MGLC in Tivoli Park. Also check the evening programme of free outdoor events accompanying the biennial in July.

Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts

BIO 25

BIO 25, the biennial of design, another internationally renowned event with an exceptional tradition, intends to push you out of your comfort zone this year. Its exhibitions and installations are set all over Slovenia so attending any of its numerous guided tours will make a remarkable journey through our country. Prepare to be awed.

BIO 25s

Plečnik House

This year in Ljubljana is all about the genius of the architect Jože Plečnik who literally designed our city. When entering the Plečnik House, you are entering his home as well as the museum dedicated to him. This summer a free of charge exhibition called simply Jože was set up there by a group of young Slovenian artists from DobraVaga gallery. If you wish to attend guided tours with the curator, taking place on 12 July and 30 Aug, apply here: prijava@mgml.si; tel. +386 (0)1 24 12 506.

Plečnik House

National Gallery of Slovenia

The recently renovated National Gallery of Slovenia is a gem you shouldn't miss. Public English language guided tours of its permanent collection of fine art, ranging from the High Middle Ages to the 20th century, are held each Wednesday at 11:00.

National Gallery of Slovenia

National and University Library (NUK)

The National and University Library is considered to be Plečnik's best work. Because it's still in its original use, tourist visits can be tricky and are ususally available as part of our Plečnik's Ljubljana guided tours. However, NUK will open its doors to its impressive main reading room from 10 July to 15 August, introducing tickets costing just symbollic €2.

National and University Library


This "ready-made" open-air gallery in front of the City Museum of Ljubljana invites you to discover the finest artworks hiding behind every street corner of Ljubljana. Come and see a newly found Michelangelo, Pollock or even Zankič - in places where you would never expect them! Interactive walkthroughs will be organized in mid-July.

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