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At an award ceremony taking place on 22 April in Brussels, Ljubljana won the ETIS and Accessible Tourism Joint Award 2016 in category "Environment and accessibility as a catalyst for sustainable and responsible growth". By winning this award Ljubljana received a honorary mention as ETIS Social and Cultural impact achiever, with special mention for accessibility.

Ljubljana was one of Europe's test destinations introducing the ETIS indicators, developed by the European Commission as part of the European Tourism Indicators System. Ljubljana also received a honorary mention for accessibility due to its extensive range of measures aimed at providing safety and equal opportunities in traffic for children and people with disabilities.

ETIS and Accessible Tourism Joint Awards were given to some of the most successful destinations, which have worked towards a more sustainable management approach, also with focus on accessibility and environmental issues. As the jury pointed out, their experience is invaluable as a successful model for other destinations (not yet involved with ETIS).

Competing for ETIS and Accessible Tourism Joint Awards were European destinations which have participated in the proceedings of the two pilot phases of the ETIS criteria assessment in years from 2013 to 2015, completing the audit procedure and submitting their feedback. Over 100 destinations were running for eight awards given in three categories. Beside Ljubljana, the winners included destinations from Spain, Italy, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Montenegro.

For more information about ETIS and the awards, visit the European Comission website.