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At Ljubljana Tourism we are presenting our city as a destination accessible to the disabled, which is also one of our strategic objectives. Our goal is to bring the tourist services of Ljubljana even closer to the disabled by offering free rental of two electric attachments for wheelchairs at the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC) located at Krekov Trg 10. This is an innovative service since STIC is the first tourist information centre in Europe providing this option.


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Mobility and the need for accessibility for everyone play an important role in planning the tourist services in cities. Each tourist wishes to have a pleasant and safe experience, which is something we wish for the people with disabilities as well. We usually refer to a niche target group of tourists, which is many a time due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, since people with disabilities wish to be heard in the area of overcoming obstacles as well.

For this reason, at the Ljubljana Tourism we decided to offer free rental of two electric attachments in the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC) as a form of additional services.

The SPEED3X attachment enables people on wheelchairs easier and faster movement and overcoming longer distances. It simply attaches to the wheelchair and the linking element can be adjusted in height and width, making it compatible for practically any wheelchair without any specific adaptation. A full battery has a reach of 40 km, which means a person on a wheelchair can join their friends and family on bicycles or on foot while exploring the city. The user must present their personal document and a deposit, which is returned to them after they bring back the attachment in one piece and without any damage.

Just last week we rented our first attachment and gained a satisfied visitor. Take a look at his reaction: