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Ljubljana's acrobatic group the Dunking Devils aka Fly Guys defy gravity in a crazy stunt, flying over a speeding 1920 museum train. This is happening in the second episode of their video series, launched on Facebook's new platform Facebook Watch.

fly guys

© Jaka Babnik

In a 12 minute long episode you can watch the Fly Guys planning the train stunt and trying out the different ways to do it in Ljubljana's Railway Museum, setting up the Russian swing and finally one of them flies from it over a speeding train.

The ten-episode series (nine of which was shot in Slovenia) was comissioned by Facebook, shot with a Hollywood film crew and filmed exclusively for Facebook Watch.

With this series, which is »a dream come true«, according to the Dunking Devils, they joined the likes of Bear Grylls, the National Geographic, Bill Murray, Jessica Alba and others who are introducing the new platform for shows on Facebook, which will compete with platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Watch the whole Runaway Steam Train episode and … be amazed :)