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One of the most popular video series on Facebook Watch so far is the one by Ljubljana's acrobatic group the Dunking Devils aka Fly Guys. It's also a great way to feel Slovenia. In the 8th episode in season 1, they manage pull off a breathtaking adventure in their hometown, Ljubljana.

flyguys ljubljana

© Fly Guys

In the course of the episode Fly Guys repel on a rope from the Outlook Tower at Ljubljana Castle, make a daring jump from the Triple Bridge onto a river boat, get ski pulled on a motor sled in the Tivoli Park and much more. So far, the episode was viewed by 1,2 million people.

View it here:

The ten-episode series (nine of which was shot in Slovenia) was comissioned by Facebook, shot with a Hollywood film crew and filmed exclusively for Facebook Watch.

With this series, which is »a dream come true«, according to the Dunking Devils, they joined the likes of Bear Grylls, the National Geographic, Bill Murray, Jessica Alba and others who are introducing the new platform for shows on Facebook, which will compete with platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.