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Try the most important meal of the day from top quality local and seasonal ingredients.

ljubljana breakfast matevz kostanjsek2

© Matevž Kostanjšek

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is only right it should come from top quality local and seasonal ingredients. Ljubljana Tourism has connected restaurants with local producers to design this superb Ljubljana breakfast offer. We have been upgrading the project with the Locally Grown Food Exchange (Borza lokalnih živil), as the selection of local providers is expanding in the market, alongside a desire for encouraging local food self-supply.

This is the delicious consequence of the green supply chain, from the local field to the local table, from the resident to the visitor. The breakfast offer varies from restaurant to restaurant and the selection is seasonal, yet it always includes crops and products from different farmers, fruit from the orchards, and vegetables from the fields and greenhouses of Ljubljana and its surroundings.

The Ljubljana breakfast is currently served at the Gostilna na Gradu, Hiša pod Gradom, Bistro Ek, Magda, Sputnik, Falafel, Paninoteka, Slovenska Hiša, Slovenska Hiša Figovec, Moji Štruklji, Grand Café Ljubljana and Kodila.

Ljubljana Tourism is aiming to expand the offer to even more bars and hotel restaurants in Ljubljana.