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Whether you are a culinary adventurer, make sure to put Ljubljana on your bucket list as one of the best destinations for foodies. If you're in doubt, check these latest proofs echoing abroad.

We've mentioned it before, however, there's no harm in repeating it: Ljubljana is without a doubt a culinary influencer in the European Region of Gastronomy 2021. Recognition for this is reflected in numerous awards, first Michelin star and other special ratings last year, and the latest second edition of Gault&Millau Ljubljana/Ljubljana Quality 2021 guide. This has not been overlooked even by foreign media, which are increasingly ranking Ljubljana as a destination worth visiting in 2021, and frequently highlight the excellent cuisine this city has to offer.

Recently the UNILAD creators have listed Slovenia among the top 5 destinations to visit in 2021, and highlighted the best-known places in the country. Ljubljana is one of them and is marked as a foodie heaven followed by the recommendation of the excellent Monstera Bistro in the heart of the city.

Other renown media join UNILAD: Earlier this year The Guardian also placed Slovenia on the list of best destinations to visit and pointed out 'Ljubljana's heavenly food market', and the journalist at Travel Weekly was also impressed by the city's market and Ciao Magazine dreamed about Ljubljana's trendy bistros and major gastronomic events. Furthermore, back in 2020 the reknown Conde Nast Traveller released its list of Best Holiday Destinations in 2021 and placed Slovenia at the top of it. Ljubljana was presented as one of the greenest cities in the world, with locally sourced ingredients. The elegant Strelec restaurant and the wine offer at Ljubljana Castle were mentioned as well.

As you can tell, this city has all the ingredients for being the top culinary destination. Hopefully, the current situation improves soon, so you will be able to set on a culinary adventure and Taste Ljubljana.