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In the nationwide competition "My Country - Beautiful and Hospitable 2023" organised by the Tourist Association of Slovenia, Ljubljana won third place in the category of larger cities. The award ceremony took place on November 13 as part of the Days of Slovenian Tourism in Nova Gorica.

My Country - Beautiful and Hospitable 2023

Ljubljanska vinska pot © Arhiv Turizma Ljubljana

The nationwide competition My Country - Beautiful and Hospitable is organised by the Tourist Association of Slovenia and focuses on the tidiness of places, the quality of tourist offerings, marketing and promotion of tourist products, and a clean environment. It pays special attention to green tourism and sustainable development. Many Slovenian towns and cities, as well as other stakeholders in tourism, participate in the competition. They are visited and evaluated by a state commission composed of experts in landscape architecture, geography, tourism, sociology, architecture, ethnology, and others. The competition encourages participating places to take care of a well-organised and hospitable environment, creating favourable conditions for tourism development. A clean and organised environment, preserved natural and cultural heritage, and interesting tourist products increase the recognition of places and attract both domestic and foreign visitors.

In Ljubljana Tourism, we see the award as an important recognition from the local professional community for the dedicated work of the entire city family. They will continue to work together to ensure that Ljubljana remains a well-organised, open, and hospitable city for both residents and visitors. In all areas of operation, we will persistently adhere to the principle of sustainability and ensure a high quality of living, maintaining a balance between the city and nature, as well as the vibrancy and healthy pulse of the Slovenian capital.