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Ljubljana has been put on the list of the most interesting holiday destinations for 2016 by the internationally recognized travel guide publisher Rough Guides and the respected newspaper The Guardian. According to both of them, Ljubljana, with its numerous green spaces, pedestrian areas, and environmental measures that have made the city more attractive in the eyes of both visitors and residents, fully justifies the city's European Green Capital 2016 title.

Ljubljana makes the Rough Guides and The Guardians 2016 hotlists of holiday destinations

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Ljubljana listed as one of the most desirable holiday destinations for 2016

The website of the internationally recognized travel guide publisher Rough Guides has published a list of the most desirable holiday destinations for 2016. The list of top 10 cities includes Ljubljana, alongside Reykjavik, Mexico City, Seoul, Wroclaw, Nashville, Amsterdam, Hull, Vancouver, and Agra.

The article about Ljubljana draws attention to the city's green spaces and the possibilities of exploring the city by bicycle or navigating a stand-up paddleboard along the river Ljubljanica - just a short way from mountains, vineyards, and beaches. The article also praises the quality of Ljubljana's highly affordable culinary offerings.

At the beginning of the year, a list of recommendations for those planning holidays for 2016 has also been compiled by one of the world's leading newspapers, The Guardian, which promotes sustainable tourism offerings. Apart from notable green changes made to the city centre over the past decade, The Guardian's description of Ljubljana also mentions Ljubljana Castle, Tivoli Park, the Library under Trees, the embankments on the river Ljubljanica, and the possibility to take a stand-up paddleboard tour. What makes the Slovenian capital special in the eyes of The Guardian is also Jože Plečnik's architecture, the city's laid-back atmosphere, and numerous riverside bars serving excellent food and wines.

To read the two articles, please visit the Rough Guides and The Guardian websites.