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After Ljubljana was recently included in the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories list with the Digital Innovation of Plečnik's Heritage project, the same project also convinced the international association of the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN). The award is given to promote the goals of sustainable cultural tourism, increasing the visibility of European cultural tourism destinations, creating a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge, and promoting connections between destinations. In the category of Digitalization of sustainable cultural tourism in the direction of the development of smart destinations, the Digital Innovation of Plečnik's Heritage project won third place.

A wooden stand. The statue of a fish on it.

© Arhiv Turizma Ljubljana

Digital innovation of Plečnik's heritage is a project of Ljubljana Tourism, with which they digitized five units of Plečnik's immovable cultural heritage in the area of ​​the City of Ljubljana and the region of Central Slovenia and upgraded it with two products, the five-star experience Master Plečnik and the gamified guidance of Plečnik's vision.

A boutique tour of Plečnik's works, Master Plečnik, which, in addition to viewing Plečnik's main sights in the center of the capital, also offers a virtual walk through digitized units outside the city center and in the Central Region, recently received the Slovenia Unique Experiences mark, awarded by the Slovenian Tourism Organization.

Plečnik's visions, which represent an upgrade of the entire project with an augmented reality experience and provide insight into the unrealized projects of the great architect, also won first place in the Tourism category at this year's WEBSI Slovenia digital excess competition.

The recipients of the ECTN awards are recognized as examples of excellence that inspire other European tourist destinations and encourage the further development of sustainable and responsible initiatives in the field of cultural tourism, which is considered the fastest growing sector of European tourism.

More information about ECTN is available on their website.