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Ljubljana Tourism has won second place in the tourism and video categories at the largest competition for digital projects in Slovenia, WEBSI, with their TikTok profile and promotional video "Adrenalinska Ljubljana."

hallway in Grand Plaza Hotel

Budimpešta © Grand Plaza Hotel

Ljubljana created its profile on the TikTok social network in collaboration with DD Studios to reach younger generations who may not be as engaged through other channels. TikTok provides a more relaxed and creative way of expression and enables the rapid and effective dissemination of content, making it crucial for reaching younger target groups and international recognition. The videos showcase the diverse tourism offerings in Ljubljana and the region, including unique events, outdoor activities, sports, culinary experiences, culture, interesting facts, and rich history and tradition.

The number of users following the @visitljubljana profile has been rapidly increasing since its establishment. To date, the posts have reached 128.9 million views, 9.8 million likes, 49,000 comments, and 214,200 shares. The profile has over 126,000 followers. The profile had a significant breakthrough in August last year with a video of the "Odbojka na Ljubljanici" sports event, which garnered over 73 million views, 3.2 million likes, and over 8,000 comments. It piqued the interest of numerous globally recognised sports networks and television stations and had an estimated media value exceeding 1,000,000 euros. Additionally, it earned Ljubljana Tourism several domestic and international marketing awards, including diggit, sporto, and The Travel Marketing Award, enhancing its reputation and recognition in the field of digital communication.

"Adrenalinska Ljubljana" Video

Ljubljana Tourism recognizes that video is an increasingly popular and effective media format, with its popularity further boosted by platforms like TikTok. In collaboration with Extrem, they created the promotional video "Adrenalinska Ljubljana," presenting the Slovenian capital as a vibrant city of unique sports experiences. The video showcases various sports events, such as climbing, acrobatics, street basketball, volleyball, and dance, all of which take place annually at original venues in the city centre and attract numerous domestic and international sports enthusiasts. The video's production follows the dynamic theme of sports and adrenaline experiences. Fast-paced scene transitions, dynamic editing, lively music, and text combine to create an impactful video that successfully targets younger audiences and can be used on various digital platforms. In just a minute and a half, the video presents Ljubljana as a leading destination for innovative sports experiences designed to meet the expectations and demands of modern visitors while offering an exciting destination for active leisure time.

Ljubljana Tourism has received the WEBSI award and has been nominated for the second year in a row. Last year, they impressed the jury with their gamified guided tours exploring unrealized projects by architect Jože Plečnik, accessible through a mobile app, an online souvenir shop, and a project for web chats on congress tourism titled Ljubljana Talks. With their annual recognition among Slovenia's digital achievements, Ljubljana Tourism demonstrates their thoughtful use of various digital tools to successfully reach their target audiences. They also effectively build and strengthen the reputation of an open, creative, and innovative Ljubljana that is both trendy and authentic in the digital world.

About the WEBSI competition

WEBSI is the largest competition for digital projects in Slovenia. Its purpose is to document, evaluate, and present digital communication projects to the broader public and reward those who significantly contribute to raising its standards. In this year's twelfth competition, 200 projects vied for awards.