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Volleyball on the Ljubljanica sports spectacle, which took place on the Ljubljanica river on August 16 and boasts as the first national championship in water volleyball, reached new dimensions on the TikTok social network of Ljubljana Tourism. Up to this moment, in less than a week, the video of the event has already recorded more than 38 million views by users from all over the world. It was shared by many global sports programming networks, including the American ESPN and the Canadian TSN, which makes a great introduction for the upcoming Men's Volleyball World Championship, starting in Ljubljana on this Friday.

Men volleyball team plays on a floating field in a river. City lights in the background.

© Siniša Kanižaj

The event was organized by the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia, its conceptual design thought of by the Extrem agency, and supported by Ljubljana Tourism which also published the video on its TikTok network. The video reached more than 38 million views from America, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, to Mexico and Brazil in less than a week. It has been shared by world-renowned sports programming networks, television stations and websites such as ESPN, TSN, Bleacher report, Whistle and others. The video was saved by more than 300,000 users, and has almost 30,000 enthusiastic comments about the spectacle and the capital itself.

Ljubljana Tourism launched its TikTok profile a month ago, with the opening video featuring the basketball ace Luka Dončić and Ljubljana's dragon mascot Zmajček. The number of Ljubljana Tourism's TikTok users has been increasing since the very creation of the profile (in cooperation with Dunking Devils Studios) but has not reached a notably large audience until the publishing of the volleyball video due to which it gained almost 35,000 new followers. 

The exceptional numbers prove that Ljubljana Tourism's efforts towards using its social networks as marketing tools to strengthen the brand's reputation and international recognition turned out to be very fruitful.

This kind of the capital's, the country's and sports' promotion is priceless, since according to a rough estimate, the media value of the 38 million video views exceeds 700,000 euros.

Ljubljana as a sports capital

The promotional event Volleyball on the Ljubljanica also served as an introduction to the 2022 Men's Volleyball World Championship which will be held in the Stožice sports hall in Ljubljana this Friday.

The world championship and the spectacle are an excellent opportunity to present the pulse of the capital in the international spectre and to brighten up the summer street scene for townspeople and all other passers-by. In accordance with the current Strategy for the Development of the Tourist Destination Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Region 2021-2027, Ljubljana Tourism promotes sports and tourism activities by developing offers oriented towards active participation, which is extremely important for the recognition of the destination, the increase in the number of foreign visitors and higher tourist consumption.