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Ljubljana won the so-called tourism Oscar for its excellent achievements in tourism development. The Golden Apple Award (La Pomme d'Or) by FIJET (World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers) is presented each year to an organization, country, city or person in recognition of superior efforts in promoting and raising the level of tourism.

The notable achievements by those eligible for the award include the fields of development projects in tourism, the preservation of cultural, natural and historical heritage, its inclusion in the tourism offer and introduction of the principles of sustainable development in tourism.

The president of FIJET Tijani Haddad presented the award to the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković at an award ceremony held on 24 Jun at National Gallery in Ljubljana.

On the day after the award ceremony FIJET representatives planted a local variety of apple tree in Ljubljana's Šmartinski park to be a constant reminder of the received award for Ljubljana's residents and visitors.

Since 1970, when it was established, FIJET has presented the Golden Apple award to 47 organizations, countries, cities, companies or individuals. In Slovenia, this award was so far won by Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation in 2012 and by Postojna Caves in 2014.

The reccomendation to award Ljubljana, which is also the European Green Capital 2016, was given by the local branch of FIJET - The Society of Travel Journalists of Slovenia.