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Tourism Review published this years' top 10 Christmas markets in Europe, which included Ljubljana as well.

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© Dunja Wedam

Ljubljana Festive Fair made it to the list because of number festive events such as Christmas light switch-on, grandpa Frost procession, street theatre performances and numerous concerts.

Shopping for gifts at the Festive Fair followed by socializing at the fair's food and drink stalls has become a tradition in Ljubljana. At the fair, you can shop for small gifts such as gloves and mittens, hats, scarves, various fashion accessories, local arts and crafts products, and traditional Slovenian delights such as honey, schnapps, and various sweet treats.

While you can find the oldest Christmas markets in France and Germany, other countries made it to the list as well: Strasbourg and Lille (France), Nüremberg, Munchen and Dresden (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria), Moscow (Russia), Budpest (Hungary) and Brugge (Belgium).

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