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According to SoolNua World Ice Cream Index Ljubljana has the best ice cream in the world and you can get a taste of it in Lolita cake shop near the Triple Bridge.


© M. Paternoster

The initiative to establish a world ice cream index was launched in May 2015 at IMEX Frankurt. The international judging panel evaluated the entries with specific focus on the campaigns they conducted. Top of the list was Slovenia with Lolita, followed by England (Giggi Gelateria, Bornemouth) and Iceland (Valdis, Reykjavik) in third place.

In the announcement of the award, the jury wrote the following: "Lolita seduces and satisfies all your senses … When you enter into Lolita's environment, you will succumb to all its charm. You will be seated in a warm sofa, staring through the large windows and follow the movie playing out for you from the buzz of the city centre. It will smell of almonds, chocolate, fresh biscuits, vanilla, tea and coffee. You will not want to go, until you try the precious cakes that you will be offered. You can stay even longer, and plunge into the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita. "

Check out Lolita and their offer >>

For more information about the World Ice Cream Index, check out the The SoolNua World Ice Cream Index official website.