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The world's largest publisher of travel guides, Lonely Planet has put Ljubljana on the list of the eight most sustainable cities in the world. The Slovenian capital earned its place mainly because of its extreme cleanliness and greenery. As Slovenia is recognized for its unspoiled nature, nature and fresh air also distinguish its capital, which will be a key advantage in restarting city tourism.

Panorama Ljublajne 2015 Bobo 19

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Lonely Planet described Ljubljana as “extremely clean and increasingly green”. They praised the fact that over 10 hectares of the city center are pedestrianized, that its streets are washed with rainwater and recycled water, and that its cutting-edge waste management systems mean the city sends 80% less waste to landfill than it did in 2008. They also emphasized that Ljubljana was the first European capital to commit to the goal of becoming a "zero waste" city.

In addition to Ljubljana, Lonely Planet’s list of the most sustainable cities includes Copenhagen, Portland, Singapore, Lisbon, Bengaluru, Vancouver and San Francisco.

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