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Ljubljana boasts a new museum dedicated to Slovenia's rich history of puppetry, which goes back over a hundred years. The country's great puppeteers and puppet characters now have a special space at Ljubljana Castle.

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© D. Wedam

The Museum of Puppetry gives you an opportunity to learn about the major milestones in the history of puppetry in Slovenia and get to know different puppetry techniques. After viewing the museum's exhibition, you can try your hand at puppetry skills. At the new Castle Theatre, the museum runs a regular programme of puppet shows featuring the original stagings of the most famous Slovenian puppet plays. Admission to the museum is included in the price of the ticket to Ljubljana Castle.

The museum's exhibition on puppetry in Slovenia has been set up in collaboration with the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, the country's main institution of its kind, which presents a rich repertoire of puppet shows and carries on the long and fruitful tradition of puppetry in Slovenia. The theatre was established in 1948 by Milan Klemenčič, the founding father of Slovenian puppetry. The most internationally acclaimed productions staged by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre over its long history include Zvezdica Zaspanka (Little Sleepy Star), Žogica Marogica (Spotty the Ball), Ostržek (Pinocchio), and Kozlovska sodba v Višnji Gori (Goat's Court Case in Višnja Gora).

For more information on the Museum of Puppetry, visit the Ljubljana Castle website.