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Due to this year's 150th anniversary of Jože Plečnik's birth, visitors of Ljubljana will have a chance of enjoying in the Plečnik style city bus. This black and white beauty will run on line no. 2 of Ljubljana Transport, which will encourage passengers to discover Plečnik's attractions near the stations of the otherwise regular city line for 150 days.

Plečnik's line

Line no. 2 or The Plečnik line passes the largest number of Plečnik's attractions (twenty-eight), which are no more than two hundred meters away from its stations. Among them are the water lock, Levstikov trg Square, Križanke Summer Theatre, Trnovski pristan embankment, Plečnik House, Illyrian Pillar, Šubič High School, The Three Bridges, Plečnik's Žale and many others. Last year, Plečnik's Ljubljana was placed on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage with the selected works of the architect, so it is a true gem worth of visiting.

Subpage about Plečnik's line

Plečnik's bus line was also devoted a special subpage by Ljubljana Tourism on the Visit Ljubljana website, introducing Plečnik's monuments along the route in more detail. Access to the site is possible via QR codes, which are available to visitors both on the outside of the bus (under the slogan "Discover Plečnik's Ljubljana") and inside the vehicle.

Plečnik's stations

Plečnik's attractions, which are located up to 200 meters from the stations of the city bus stops of line number 2, are as follows: Hrvatski trg (exit Klinični center), the water lock, Ambrožev trg Square and Vrazov trg Square (exit Ambrožev trg), Peglezen and the central city market (exit Krekov trg – Puppet Theater), park layout of the castle plateau and Šance, church of St. Florian, Levstikov trg Square, Trnovski pristan embankment, Trnovski most Bridge, Plečnik house, Prelovškova vila, Rimski zid na Mirju (the Roman Wall) and Zoisova cesta Street (exit Gornji trg), Trg francoske revolucije Square and Vegova ulica Street, Illyrian Column, Križanke Summer Theatre, NUK Library and Čevljarski most Bridge (exit Križanke), Kongresni trg Square and Šubičeva High School (exit Drama), Bethovnova ulica 10 Street, the triangular park and promenade in Tivoli Park and the Three Bridges (exit Pošta), the Zavarovalnica palace (exit Kolodvor) and Plečnikove Žale Cemetery (exit Flajšmanova).