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San Sebastian, the European Capital of Culture 2016, which lies in the northeast of the Spanish Basque Country, will feature the presentation of Ljubljana on 31st July. The Ana Desetnica International Festival, with 11 street theatre performances, will take place on the Kursaal Bridge as part of the “Crossing Bridges” programme. In addition, Turizem Ljubljana will make sure that the City of Ljubljana is promoted as a cultural and gastronomic capital with Library under the Treetops and Taste Ljubljana. The promotion in the Spanish city of San Sebastian is also connected with Ljubljana’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2025.

ana desetnica bridge

Ana Desetnica performance at Ljubljana's Triple Bridge © Dunja Wedam

Ljubljana, as the European Green Capital 2016, can lead by example and show how an efficient and well-conceived introduction of sustainable changes influences the environment and the city atmosphere. The quality of life of the townspeople and visitors also relies on the rich cultural and gastronomic heritage that blossoms in the tidy Slovenian capital.

Apart from numerous performances and festivals, Ljubljana has more than 10,000 open-air events to offer annually that are free of charge for the visitors and highly important for the vibrant pulse of the city. Its cuisine is also part of the cultural scene, and is frequently the main attraction for many visitors to the city. Ljubljana unites providers of traditional Ljubljana dishes by organising some joint events, while domestic and foreign visitors are also attracted by the many restaurants offering food from all over the world.

In San Sebastian, one of the two European Capitals of Culture 2016 (the second one being Vroclav in Poland), four European festivals representing different cultural genres will take the stage. To represent street theatre, San Sebastian also invited one of the oldest independent theatre groups in Slovenia, Ana Monro, to perform Ana Desetnica on the Kursaal Bridge. Other European destinations will also take part in the “Crossing Bridges” programme; Lyon with dance, Dublin with literature, and Vroclav with music.

Since San Sebastian is known as a “culinary Mecca” – the city boasts the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world per square metre – Slovenian street food will also be served on the bridge, and the Bokado San Telmo restaurant will provide a Basque interpretation of traditional Ljubljana dishes from the Taste Ljubljana selection, served in the Pintxos way.

One of the entertainment events prepared by Turizem Ljubljana will include Library under the Treetops as the only 100% natural library in the world. This has endeavoured for many years to provide a free series of reading, creativity and social gatherings in the shade of the trees. Ljubljana has already been designated the UNESCO City of Literature and the World Book Capital 2010, and has applied to be the European Capital of Culture 2025. The promotion of cultural tourism is also one of the strategic guidelines of Turizem Ljubljana, as it is known that a guest who intends to participate in cultural events will remain at the destination for a longer period of time and enjoy its offerings more profoundly.