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The Plečnik House, where the architect Jože Plečnik used to live, opened its doors after extensive renovation. Its most notable addition is the new museum exhibition, presenting life and work of the famous architect.

While Plečnik's home with its preserved living quarters, personal effects and a stunning garden presents an authentic insight into his everyday life, the museum exhibition presents a comprehensive overview into his oeuvre. It offers insights into his years in Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana in particular. It also features a model of Ljubljana including Plečnik's buildings and urban plans.

So called " Plečnik's Ljubljana", is considered to be one of the 20th century's most important total works of art. In designing Ljubljana, the nation's new capital, Plečnik tried to use modern approaches while modelling the city on ancient Athens. His style, innovative even by today's standards, is characterized by the use of classical architectural elements, such as pillars, lintels, balustrades and colonnettes, redesigned and combined in the master architect's own special way.

Plecnik House is also set to become a research center after its renovation, enabling researchers who study the work by the great architect access to his plans.

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