See the Festive Lights without a Car

In December, Ljubljana encourages sustainable ways of visitors coming to the festively decorated capital and aims to reduce the number of cars in the city centre. The City of Ljubljana, in collaboration with the public company LPP, provides visitors with free rides on city buses from 5 p.m. until midnight every day until Sunday, 7 January 2024.

The December events and gatherings in the city attract a large number of people every year, including residents of Ljubljana and visitors from elsewhere. Most of them come to the city centre by car, leading to increased traffic and improperly parked vehicles, which hinder and endanger vulnerable road users. In order to ensure a more pleasant festive experience at the December events in Ljubljana, the City of Ljubljana invites residents and other visitors to ride city buses for free instead of using their cars between 5 p.m. and midnight. Free rides are available from Thursday, 21 December 2023, to Sunday, 7 January 2024. With this measure, the City of Ljubljana aims to provide visitors with a safe and comfortable journey to December events and back home.

If visitors still choose to use their cars, it is recommended that the vehicles are fully occupied, borrowed, or shared with other passengers (carpooling). Alternatively, visitors can leave their cars in one of the parking lots managed by the public company LPT or at the P+R parking lots at Dolgi most, Barje, Studenec, Stožice, Ježica, and Stanežiče. Drivers are asked to park their cars only in designated areas and not to endanger other users of space by parking improperly on lawns, sidewalks, and bike paths. The same applies to cyclists and scooter users who can park at designated bike and scooter racks. Cyclists can also park their bikes in the secure covered bike storage at the Congress Square Parking Garage.

You are invited to travel to festive Ljubljana with city buses for free!