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On the initiative of Ljubljana Tourism, Šiška heyday will take place on Friday, September 15th, at Trg prekomorskih brigad Square, serving as a showcase event for the cultural quarter of Šiška. Starting from 1:00 PM, museums, galleries, local artists, merchants, youth organizations, and other contributors to the vibrancy of the Šiška cultural quarter will present themselves at stands, interactive workshops, various themed tours, performances, and the "Knjižnica pod krošnjami" (Library Under the Trees) project. They will also open their premises to the public. At 6:00 PM, the event will culminate with the unveiling of a new mural on the former Šiška municipality building.

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On Trg prekomorskih brigad Square, from 1 PM to 7 PM, various participants will showcase their activities. These include Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, Mladi zmaji Šiška, and Motovila. The plastic-free store Rifuzl will offer a tasting of its partners' products, while Vodnikova domačija, Društvo Pekinpah, and Galerija Photon will have various books, catalogs, CDs, prints, and other items available for viewing and purchase at their stands. Books can also be perused and read at the Library under the Trees. The Slovenian Railways Museum will be presenting its mascot, and the Zavod Druga godba can be visited at their location on Prekomorskih brigad 1. Ljubljana Tourism will present a project for the development of cultural quarters in Ljubljana, starting with the concept of the Šiška cultural quarter.

Additionally, there will be guided tours available. The Institute for Urban Questions will organize a tour of Šiška focusing on graffiti (at 11 AM and 5 PM). Visitors can also join a guided tour of the Different Worlds 2023 exhibition at Galerija Photon (at 3:30 PM) and the Museum of Computer History (at 6 PM). Vodnikova domačija will prepare a storytelling walk through Šiška for children (at 5 PM) and a storytelling event based on Lado Kralj's novel "Ne bom se več drsal na bajerju" (at 6 PM).

The activities of the co-creators of the Šiška cultural quarter can be actively experienced in various workshops. At Studio Biskvit, you can create with clay (from 1 PM to 7 PM), and the Museum of Contemporary History will introduce you to an interactive map of Šiška, where you can contribute your personal story connected to Šiška (from 1 PM to 7 PM). The Computer Museum is organizing a cross-generational challenge with DOS games on a retro computer (from 1 PM to 4 PM), and Mladi zmaji Šiška will provide workshops on archery, boxing, and other sports (from 4 PM to 6 PM). The Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, in collaboration with Zavod Alfakan, will hold a workshop on coexisting with dogs in the city (from 3 PM to 4 PM).

On a small stage, you can listen to a conversation with artist Matej Mihec (at 1 PM), who is presenting the "Deconstructed Club" project at the MoTA Lab gallery, and a young DJ will also perform.

The event will conclude with the unveiling of a new monumental mural on the building of the former Šiška municipality. The mural was created by internationally acclaimed street artist Pier Paolo Spinazzè, also known as Cibo, as part of the Ljubljana Street Art Festival. For over twenty years, he has been transforming symbols of hatred into culinary forms. In Ljubljana, he painted a mural focusing on ecological sustainability, with an emphasis on the importance of recycling and reusing vegetables and fruits. After the unveiling, Šiška Open: Špil liga X, a large free concert featuring the winners of ten seasons of Kino Šiška's competition for high school musicians, will take place at 7 PM.

Šiška heyday event will continue on Saturday, September 16. The Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park will organize educational walks on the topic of nature and cultural heritage (both at 9 AM). The Slovenian Railways Museum will host an event focused on traffic safety. Visitors can also visit the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia for free, where a children's workshop for making periscopes will be held (at 10 AM), and guided tours of the permanent and temporary exhibitions will be available (at 10 AM and 4 PM). The Computer Museum will open its doors for Šiškarji, and Studio Biskvit will welcome all those interested in working with clay. For more information about the Šiška heyday program click here.

About the Cultural Quarters Project

In line with the guidelines for the development of cultural tourism, Ljubljana Tourism actively participates in the creation of cultural quarters outside the city centre. They aim to establish a long-term model of collaboration with representatives of the local community and cultural stakeholders who are already active in these quarters, co-creating their ambiance. By creating distinctive cultural quarters, they strive for balanced and sustainable urban development, as well as to improve leisure options for both local residents and domestic and foreign visitors.

The Šiška cultural quarter is a pilot project developed by Ljubljana Tourism in collaboration with the creators of the Šiška vibe and local residents. It is based on the identity of the quarter and encompasses the offerings of cultural institutions, organizations, and entities, local landmarks, parks, and green areas, as well as elements of an authentic lifestyle, such as cafés, restaurants, shops, and markets. In the following years, Ljubljana Tourism will also spotlight local stories, events, and interesting points in the district communities of Moste and Bežigrad.

"We want to share all the facets of Ljubljana with visitors and invite them off the beaten path to experience the vibrant neighborhoods of Ljubljana. In the cultural quarters, we aim to attract responsible, curious, and explorative individuals and families seeking authentic experiences, urban ambiance, and cultural production. This is why we have put urban, creative, and cultural experiences at the forefront. The well-rounded offering allows us to manage visitor flows, effectively promote experiences beyond the traditional tourist routes and most recognizable attractions, and, in turn, extend the average length of visitor stays and increase spending, which is a strategic goal of Ljubljana Tourism," said Petra Stušek, M Sc, Director of Ljubljana Tourism.