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The Ljubljana Tourism »Culture on the Web« project, which was created during the spring quarantine and provided citizens with a tourist experience in our city, once again impressed abroad. This time at the online award ceremony, which took place as part of the ITB Belrin (one of the largest and most important tourism trade fairs in the world) on 12 March 2021.

2nd PLACE Ljubljana Slovenia

© Blaž Pogačnik

All Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in 2020, selected by Green Destinations, were invited to participate at the Green Destinations Story Awards competition. Ljubljana competed in the »Covid & tourism Strategy« category, the other finalists were the Hollands Nijmegen, who won, and the Slovenian Brda.

Important selection criteria were: level of innovation, how effective the stories are to solve real problems in tourism sustainability, and to what extent they can be applied elsewhere.

Ljubljana Tourism presented the Culture on the Web project on the Visit Ljubljana website, where virtual museum exhibitions, performances by Ljubljana theatres and puppet shows for children, films and other artistic content have been on display since last year. The subpage was established during last year's spring quarantine and thus strengthened cooperation with partners in cultural institutions. This project was also internationally awarded in October last year. The rapid adaptation of cultural institutions to the situation, where public life has stopped overnight, has resulted in a significantly higher amount of digitized content, which has since become available online for free, and an increased interest in this content.

After the pandemic digitalisation will undoubtedly play one of the key roles in the recovery of tourism, therefore Ljubljana Tourism is working intensively in this direction: in addition to digitizing Jože Plečnik's heritage, which will offer new experiences in virtual and augmented reality, it also offers guided virtual tours of the city, that are well attended and the execution, as well as content, are excellently rated.