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Ljubljana is joining the ranks of global metropolises that proudly publish their own magazines dedicated to the cities’ culinary scenes. To round off all its activities aimed at promoting the capital’s flourishing gastronomic offer, Ljubljana Tourism has issued its first lifestyle magazine – Gourmet Ljubljana. An homage to tradition and inspired by modernity at the same time, the magazine takes the reader through not only the best hidden but also the most legendary parts of the city, inviting them to sit down at tables of various culinary creators, and sharing their stories. Intended for the city’s residents and domestic and international visitors alike, the publication encourages them to explore, experience and taste the culinary life of Ljubljana.

Gourmet Ljubljana revije2

© Marko delbello Ocepek

“Ljubljana is a delicious explosion of flavours, aromas, textures, sounds and images. Taste it!” This is an excerpt from the editorial of the first issue of Gourmet Ljubljana, in which the editors invite readers to savour every page and fall in love with the culinary story of Ljubljana, from their very first bite to the last.

It’s clear from the cover page and the first words within that this is not a traditional presentation magazine with recipes – it is a sumptuous collection of inspiring stories, ideas, sensations and impressions, which reflect the heart and soul of Ljubljana over a generous and delicious 120 pages. In addition to Ljubljana Tourism, the content was co-created by a colourful group of renowned Slovenian authors, who bonded through their love of food, including Valentina Smej Novak, Boštjan Napotnik, Kaja Sajovic and Prof. Janez Bogataj. The magazine also stands out for its design, which was created by Sanja Radaković, while most of the copyrighted photos, including in the special photo story entitled Ljubljana is Food, were the work of Suzan Gabrijan.

“Ljubljana has an incredible amount of stories, events, diversity, outstanding chefs and food enthusiasts, all of which simply had to be featured in such a lasting medium – in a format that is more genuine, tactile and even slightly nostalgic, which makes it a perfect token of appreciation or gift to give someone,” said the Director of Ljubljana Tourism, Petra Stušek, explaining the background of how the magazine came to be. “We believe that the people of Ljubljana will feel pride when reading the magazine. We would like them to join Slovenian and foreign visitors on a walk through their city and discover many secrets as yet unknown to them.”

In other words, Gourmet Ljubljana is a journey through Ljubljana’s dining experiences. From the ever-popular burek to hangover sandwiches, and from “flying žganci” (fried chicken) to elegant desserts. From the Castle vineyard and hidden outdoor spots, where the city’s legends are born, to the peaks of the most popular hiking destinations. After all, Ljubljana’s culinary surprises await at every step! To make your exploration easier, the final section of the magazine contains information about establishments that bear the Ljubljana Quality Mark.

Gourmet Ljubljana is set to come out once a year, in Slovene and English, as a grand finale of the November Gourmet Ljubljana festival. The very first issue is already available at Petrol service stations and at the Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC). Let us leave you with a tasty suggestion: The magazine makes for a lovely gift in a basket full of culinary treats!