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Ljubljana just loves food: be it on the bustling Central Market or in one of many contemporary bistros, traditional establishments, or artisanal bakeries. Ljubljana’s food scene is like the city itself: ancient but youthful, refined but boisterous, local but cosmopolitan, with a strong emphasis on the locally grown and sustainably sourced.

Gobice gourmet ljubljana web

© Andrej Tarfila

The Gourmet Ljubljana website is a unique virtual crossroads, encompassing all kinds of developments on the Ljubljana flamboyant dining scene that have marked Ljubljana as an eminent foodie destination. Get to know Taste Ljubljana, hang out with the most popular chefs, learn about Slovenian wine regions, or even recreate some of the most outstanding and innovative dishes of Ljubljana chefs at home, all in the spirit of the "stay at home yet enjoy" new reality.

Even in these challenging times, 2021 will be a very special year for Ljubljana Gourmet. Ljubljana, as the capital of "Slovenia - European Region of Gastronomy 2021" will be in the spotlight with many possibilities to sample its gastronomical offer. Ljubljana Gourmet will always monitor this development and guide you through it, providing wholesome information and fresh inspiration, building new projects, and supporting local establishments.

The vivid and picturesque face of the new Ljubljana bistronomy: always fresh and full of flavors, innovative dishes, and local gourmet ideas, this is Instagram Gourmet Ljubljana. Join us, follow us and let us inspire you.