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Foreign visitors will from now on be able to discover the beauties and read about the most interesting experiences in Ljubljana and in Central Slovenia through the eyes of the locals. The new section, simply named Stories, can be found on the official website www.visitljubljana.com, and offers advice provided by local bloggers on what to see and do.

stories nosilna fotka

© Aljaž Sedovšek

The new approach keeps us in step with the promotional trends regarding tourist offerings and, in terms of content, we follow the sustainable direction of tourism development by directing the visitors outside the city centre.

The basic purpose of the Stories section, wishing to offer much more than just another blog dedicated to Ljubljana's events, is about moving tourist promotion to the level of exchanging personal experiences. The local writers experience Ljubljana and its surroundings differently than visitors, therefore they can offer them a more authentic, deeper and reliable insight into the offering; their advice can also help to reveal certain experiences which the established tourist guidebooks describe very rarely.

For now, six writers write for the Stories section, some of them already well established, and we plan to expand their number in the future. The basic criteria for cooperation are a good knowledge of individual topics and an excellent knowledge of English, as the articles are not translated due to the emphasis being on the authenticity of the written work and on a writer's personal touch.

The stories are divided according to different topics, such as sights, food and drink, events, nature and active holidays, experiences for the whole family, novelties and yet undiscovered attractions…

You can already read the first posted stories:

Ljubljana Tourism decided on this project as a response to the requirements of today’s tourists, who increasingly avoid the usual paths and search for more authentic experiences. At the same time, the Stories section encourages foreign travellers to expand their explorations beyond the narrow scope of the city centre and discover the lesser known but excellent attractions outside the capital. With this we also follow our orientation towards sustainable tourist destination development by easing the pressure on the city centre and increasing the tourist valorisation of the areas yet undiscovered by tourists.