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The region of Central Slovenia will hold a series of events from 15 to 30 June in the Slovenian pavillion at EXPO 2015 in Milan. Renowned local chefs will be preparing traditional dishes by using modern cooking methods. Creative print workshops will also be taking place, offering the visitors a chance to print comic books and T-shirts with motifs like the dragon of Ljubljana, green Ljubljana and other local peculiarities.

At the world exhibition EXPO 2015 Slovenia is presenting itself under the slogan "Green. Active. Healthy". The region of Central Slovenia with the nation's capital Ljubljana, also named as European Green Capital 2016, is located in its very heart. Its local lifestyle embodies the message of the slogan completely as it's traditionally in harmony with nature and is lately also strongly oriented towards sustainability and protection of the environment.

Taste Ljubljana and Kamnik

The culinary scene in Ljubljana and Central Slovenia has enjoyed a real boom over recent years and the region's renowned chefs, restaurants, and typical dishes are becoming increasingly recognized around the world.

The presentation at EXPO will be focused on current local cuisine, which is mostly marked by the revival of traditional foods in new and contemporary ways. Renowned chefs Igor Jagodic (Strelec Restaurant), Janez Bratovž (JB), Primož Repnik (Gostina Repnik), Slavko Žagar (Gostilna Skaručna), Luka Košir (Gostišče Grič), Damjan Fink (Guesthouse at the Castle) and Janja Štrumbelj (Le-potica) will be preparing them live. This varied cast of chefs will be representing the region's culinary identity - from fine dining establishments to family owned countryside "gostilnas".

Cultural workshops with a green character

Cultural programme will feature workshops organized by Ljubljana's International Centre of Graphic Arts and Stripburger magazine. The programme will be rounded off by the group BridA with their DIY (Do It Yourself!) workshops.

Creative workshops will address the European Green Capital 2016 and the cultural life of Ljubljana. The museum water by the City Museum of Ljubljana will be available to promote its upcoming Water exhibition, dealing with one of the big themes of our time, the importance of water as a source of life. Another one of this year's cultural highlights in Ljubljana will also be the 60th edition of International Biennial of Graphic Arts, organized by the International Centre of Graphic Arts - one of the oldest and most renowned events of its kind in the world.

The entertainment programme

The dragon mascot of Ljubljana will be on the premises, offering visitors a chance to take their photos with him. Representatives of other picturesque small towns in the region will be there too, including the famous shepherd from the Velika Planina plateau.

The EXPO 2015 presentation of the region will be rounded off by daily sweepstakes with an array of exciting prizes. The programme will be moderated by Evgen Ban. Evening electronic dance music parties will also be held on some of the evenings, featuring DJ JAmirko & MC Murat.

An installation, named WOW, set up in front of the Slovenian pavillion, will represent the region of Central Slovenia in a special way. It combines the region's brand message with themes of oxygen, cyclicality, drinking water, sustainability and an expression of enthusiasm.

For more information, visit the Slovenia at EXPO website