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Let's say 2020 wasn't the best year for tourism and neither for restaurants. However, the light of hope with a confirmation for great work appeared in June, when Ljubljana shined for the first time under the iconic Michelin star.

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In 2020 the Michelin’s guide, also known as the “red bible”, has for the first time in its history compiled a list of the best restaurants in Slovenia: a total of 52 establishments have been included in the guide in various categories, and the guide’s inspectors have awarded the first seven Michelin stars to Slovene restaurants. Ljubljana and its region attained one star (Atelje restaurant) and the flattering number of 18 other Michelin's special ratings.

Ljubljana's visitors are very welcome to dine beneath a Michelin star at the Atelje restaurant, where chef Jorg Zupan and his team conjure up unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

The following restaurants in the region hold special ratings and are also well worth a visit:

Bib Gourmand

  • Gostišče Grič, Horjul
  • Restavracija Evergreen, Smlednik
  • Na gradu, Ljubljana

The Plate

  • Strelec, Ljubljana
  • JB Restavracija, Ljubljana
  • Restavracija Maxim, Ljubljana
  • Gostilna AS, Ljubljana
  • Restavracija Cubo, Ljubljana
  • Restavracija Harfa, Ljubljana
  • B-Restaurant, Ljubljana
  • Monstera Bistro, Ljubljana
  • Separe, Ljubljana
  • Shambala, Ljubljana
  • Sushimama, Ljubljana
  • Valvas’or, Ljubljana
  • Vander, Ljubljana

Special rating for sustainability

  • Luka Košir, Gostilna Grič, Horjul
  • Bine Volčič, Monstera Bistro, Ljubljana

The Michelin Guide is distinguished by its 120-year tradition and its carefully honed evaluation criteria based on five principles: quality of ingredients used, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in his or her cuisine, value for money and consistency between visits.

Given the high number of Michelin accolades, this is further proof that Ljubljana's gastronomy boasts of high quality, a large number of talented chefs and authentic gastronomic experiences. Furthermore, recent awards recognize Ljubljana as a valued and sustainably oriented destination for excellent and unique gastronomy indulgences.

Indeed, this has been a great introduction before 2021, where Slovenia holds the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021. It has also been the reminder that maintaining quality is the key to success, which will be highly needed after these difficult times.

There is no doubt, foodie or not, you simply have to dive into Ljubljana's culinary scene. Gastronomic adventures await you! This is a promise.