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On the occasion of World Tourism Day, the renowned London-based production network Zinc Media, in collaboration with the international organization Sustainable Travel International and the first international sustainable lifestyle magazine Sublime Magazine, launched a series of documentary videos showing the sustainable practices of destinations around the world with Ljubljana as the "capital with a green soul" being one of them. The video will have an extraordinary reach, it will also be presented in the British media Independent and the American news agency Associated Press.

A building by the water canal.

© Zinc Media

A series of episodes that document sustainable destinations and their best practices under the title "Sustainable Travel: Where to Next?" presents exceptional destinations around the world, including Australia, Norway, Denmark, Utah, Barbados. The series consists of 16 episodes, independent videos, with Ljubljana being featured in one of them. The latter is highlighted in an almost five-minute stand-alone video as the greenest capital, boasting a "green soul". The story of Ljubljana is told in a woman's voice, because, as the producers of the video say, Ljubljana is a woman.

"This series aims to captivate and inspire viewers to take action within their own lives or professional roles to further sustainable travel," said Paloma Zapata, CEO of Sustainable Travel International. 

The Emerald Jewel in the Heart of Europe

The video presents important sustainable practices in Ljubljana, which are the result of the successful actions of a large urban family: from the green areas of the city to the largest car-free zone in Europe, Kavalir (a free city centre public transport), Green supply chains, the central market and the placement of Ljubljana on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The extraordinary chef Jorg Zupan from the restaurants Atelje and Breg presents himself with his garden, where they grow everything necessary for the preparation of dishes. Marija Lah, the only umbrella woman in Ljubljana, is pinpoined as an example of regenerative tourism, and the most modern and sustainable waste processing facility in Europe, RCERO Ljubljana, is also presented. Viewers around the world can also learn about the paper laboratory PapLab and their production of paper from invasive plant species. The ending of the video says it all, telling the viewers that "it is not surprising that Ljubljana is the greenest of the capitals".

Great reach, exposure in internationally recognized media

The series of videos was produced and published by the internationally established production company Zinc Media  in cooperation with the international organization Sustainable Travel International (STI) and the first international sustainable lifestyle magazine Sublime Magazine. At the same time, they have also prepared a detailed media communication plan, with a series of videos addressing key media around the world, including the BBC, Business Traveler, Condé Nast Traveler, CBS News - Eye on Travel, Financial Times, Marie Claire, National Geographic Traveler and the Guardian. They will be presented in one of the largest British media, the Independent, and will be summarized by the American news agency Associated Press. They will be broadcast on the Sustainable Travel International website and Sublime TV for a whole year, and will be featured in Sublime Magazine for three months.

STO will share the video series with its wide network of partners, which include established international organizations: GSTCUNEPUNWTOABTAThe Travel FoundationThe Center for Responsible TravelGreen Destinations and many others.

Sublime magazine actively monitors the sustainable operation of destinations around the world and since the Municipality of Ljubljana is among the strongest implementers of sustainable practices in Europe, it also makes the city very interesting for the mentioned production team. The latter turned to Ljubljana Tourism for help in carrying out the recording, the organization immediately recognizing the exceptional value of the project and actively participating in it.

You can watch the video, which is now in Ljubljana Tourism's possession for further use, here.