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Trnulja Country Estate, whose name derives from the Slovenian name for the Sleeping Beauty, or the Slovenian name for sloes, wild plum, is just what the name suggests – the awakened sleeping beauty, where the fairy-tale image perfectly fuses with local flavours and results in pure excellence.

Trnulja Country Estate is located in the Ljubljana Marshes, in Črna vas. Built from the surrounding natural and recycled materials, it reminds of a typical farmhouse, as can be seen in this village at the outskirts of Ljubljana. The completely ecologically oriented property uses electric vehicles and as the only accommodation provider in Slovenia belongs to the BIO Hotels Chain, the largest association of eco-friendly hotels.

The estate opened in 2012, but its story had begun long before, in 2004, when the first field of industrial hemp had been planted. For this reason, the hemp is also present in their impressive selection of gourmet dishes. Guests are served a completely organic meal prepared exclusively from domestic certified products. The restaurant is open to visitors every Sunday between noon and 6 pm, when renowned chef Slavko Adamlje prepares meals.

Apartments, which contain natural and local products, are also furnished with products made from industrial hemp. It can be found in the curtains, mattresses, towels and bedspreads. The main themes of all the apartments are the sloe and the surrounding beauties, such as the Iška River Gorge.

The owners, Urša and Miha, will show you how tradition can intertwine with modern design and ecology and share with you the experience of living on a fairy-tale estate.

For more information, check out their website.